How we Work

WineQuote® was founded by a young and fresh idea of a young and fresh Tuscan business owner (Paolo Nenci). After finishing his agricultural studies decided to study marketing communications and trade of food and agricultural products in arezzo for 3 years, passionate about this amazing world of "KNOWING HOW TO SELL" and always loved agriculture decide to apply the most modern techniques of sale on their company in Chiusi (SIENA). His grandfather in 1975 founded the eponymous Farm Nenci and since 2000 produces excellent wines IGT suited to a worldwide audience. With WineQuote® opens a window to export to all countries in the world being a multilingual project and relatively interesting for everyone, even for those who does not know and does not understand the wine. It could be a special gift for Christmas or for the birthday of a loved one, because WineQuote® can have whatever you want to do! The label will in fact formed only by a sentence that will change monthly and depending on the need. From "Happy Birthday Dad" to "You're a special mom" to "Wine is everything!". In short, you'll become customers then WineQuote® suggesting sentences to be included on the label!